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November 27, 2013
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Apophysis Parameters Collections by LadyLyonnesse Apophysis Parameters Collections by LadyLyonnesse
A large collection of parameters for various Apophysis programs dating back to 2007. I have no idea which version any of these use and I wasn't going through each one to find out. Some of them include parameters from other Apophysis users; again, I haven't sorted them. If anyone comes across work they didn't want to be shared, please accept my apologies. I am cleaning out all of my old files and I don't want to just delete them.
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so appreciated may this b added to fractal resources in #Fractalisation
Certainly. Thank you for offering.
Awesome =D
And well, come to…, there is always someone :eager: to explain stuff, so a fast way to catch up =D
I really don't have the inclination any more, to be honest. I just keep muddling through with what I already know.
Thanks, anyway.

Hi, Kat!

I recently had to delete a large number of fractals from my computer because the start up disc was full! I have made a awful lots over the years. The early Apophysis ones were dreadful. 
I still have the parameters somewhere but they take up less space than actual fractal images.

I don't use Apo any more.
I hope you sometimes have fun with it.
Apo fractals I see have changed so much recently. Some are wonderful but so complex. I couldn't hope to do similar things.

I hope you are OK. Today is very bright but we had a good white frost this morning.

Sue. XX
Hi, Sue. I've got tired of rooting through innumerable files and folders of params. Some of these are ancient and are based on params offered by people who no longer appear on dA. I hope they don't mind!

Some of the new Apo stuff I don't even know how to start, although the images produced are amazing. I don't do as much as I used to, but I still play with apo and frac-ex to keep up with my micro site submissions. Still making a bit of money from them!

We've had a couple of snowfalls already, not amounting to very much.

Take care and let's hope this winter is not too bad!


It's difficult to find what's on an Apo flame file. You have to open them. With UF you can see them all easily with one or two clicks.
I still love Apo but... endless renders!
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